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Enterprise, Meet Google Analytics Premium; World, Meet Google Analytics Real-Time


Today, Google launched Google Analytics Premium, a paid version of Google Analytics. Although Google is still free, the Premium version allows enterprises that receive a high amount of traffic, and need a high level of commitment from Google to pay for this extra service.

Google Analytics Premium is not about the features. There are few capabilities from the Premium version that are not available in the standard Google Analytics. (View this chart to see the differences between the Premium version and the Standard version). The main reason for the paid version is that it is designed for organizations that demand constant availability, dedicated customer support and access to all available data with more ways to see it.

Some of the tool capabilities, availability and support include: Lifted data limits to make informed decisions more quickly, guaranteed processing for up to 1 billion hits per month, up to fifty Custom Variable slots, phone and email support ten hours per day,  24/7 product emergency support and several others. All of these capabilities are aimed at helping enterprises make better data-driven decisions. Watch Google Analytics Premium’s official video to learn more about the offerings.

Google Analytics, Meet Google Analytics Real-Time

Even more exciting news released today is that in the new version of Google Analytics it is providing real-time web traffic for free- everyone’s favorite price. Google Analytics Real-Time was launched today to some users and it will track immediate updates as they happen. This will bring Google Analytics more in line with other real-time analytics products such as Chartbeat. It is now possible to instantly see the impact of your query on social channels such as Twitter and Facebook instead of waiting up to three hours to see reports. To see Real-Time, you will need to activate the “New Version” link on Google Analytics which can be found in the upper-right hand corner of the screen.

Google is already a super power in the search and social field, but with these updates to better serve enterprises and to report on real-time happenings, Google is narrowing the web analytics sector. The ability to not only create social media content but to also monitor it 24/7 in real-time, is making room for even more possibilities to improve how people use social media.

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