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Media Fragmentation and the New Media Multitasker


New media consumption habits are emerging amongst consumers as a result of the rising popularity of smartphones and tablet devices. According to a recent study conducted by the Harvard Business Review, the average person is now consuming twelve hours of media in only nine hours.

While it was once feared that digital would compete against television’s share of consumer attention, studies are finding that, instead, consumers are simultaneously using both platforms. Reported data indicates spikes in tablet and mobile usage during primetime TV viewing hours, as consumers research and interact with content related to what they are viewing.

Though digital is not necessarily eating away at TV viewing hours the way it was once expected to, studies are showing that the new digital platforms are competing against the traditional desktop computer. A recently study by comScore found that digital platform usage varies widely by both the day and the time of day.

During the work week, desktop usage is at its highest during typical business hours, meanwhile, mobile and tablet usage tends to spike during primetime TV viewing hours.

On the weekends, usage tends to spike for desktop, tablets and mobile in the early morning when people first wake up, but declines during the remainder of the day as people spend time socializing or catching up on errands.

How do you currently use your digital devices?



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