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5 Dos of Twitter Advertising


Not all social media advertising is created equal, and traditionally text-based Twitter is no exception. Before drafting your arsenal of promoted Tweets, check out these 5 Twitter-specific tips to help your campaign succeed.

1. Embrace the Hashtag – While #selfie may have given hashtags a bad rap, the Twitter-born phenomenon does serve its purpose. Last year, promoted posts that featured hashtags produced a staggering 122% boost in engagement. Including meaningful and relevant hashtags allows brands to join in on the conversations pertinent to theirindustry. This capitalizing on social media’s ability to facilitate a dialog.

2. Be Brief – Although 140 characters may seem restricting, pithier posts have proven to garner more success on Twitter. Tweets limited to 10-49 characters had 56% more engagement than those falling between 50 and 100, and 70% more engagement than those ranging from 101-140. Digital marketers who can concisely communicate their message over the already brief platform will better engage their audience.

3. Include Images – A picture is worth a thousand words, especially in digital marketing. With character and best practices length restriction, it can be challenging for markets to deliver messages effectively. However, using an image or video can show and explain in ways that words can’t. Not surprisingly, tweets with images have proven to generate engagement rates 306 percent higher than their text-only counterparts.

4. Use Valuable Clickable Content – Content including other handles, hashtags, links and media is considered clickable, and when used appropriately can help improve the success of your Twitter ad campaigns. A recent study revealed that posts with 3-4 clickable items had 81% more engagement than those with 1-2 and 36% more than those with 5-11. Clickable content has proven to be of value when not used in excess. When determining what clickable content to include, mentions have earned their place, as posts with 1-2 handle had 51% more engagement.

5. Deliver Quality Content – Where Twitter differs from other platforms is its user’s attitudes towards their feed. There is the idea of ownership as many “still see their feeds as exclusive domains.” For this reason, people are more skeptical, and see unwanted ads as intrusive. Producing targeted, quality content that users see as helpful will increase engagement and overall brand likeability.

Following best practices can help digital marketers improve their advertising efforts across all social media channels. If you want more on how to better you social media marketing strategy, please contact our team of experts at info@overdriveinteractive.com

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