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3 Easy Ways to Increase Engagement on Twitter

Twitter is all about the conversation. The microblogging platform allows users to participate in ongoing discussions surrounding various topics of interest with the ability to respond in real-time. However, receiving engagement can often pose as a difficult task to master. Aside from the best times of the day and week to tweet, highlighted in The Science of Social Timing infographic, how else can you achieve higher engagement levels on Twitter?

Initiate the Conversation

Many times within Twitter, users are waiting for other users to make the first move. Although this does happen, you have a better chance of receiving engagement if you first find users and reach out to them. Ask them a question. Share a statistic with them. Respond to their questions. All of these are great ways to show your interest in building a conversation, and can benefit you in the long-run.

Leave Room For Responses

We know it takes some practice and skill to write content in 140 characters. However, using up all of those characters pretty much guarantees no one will retweet you – better yet, reply. Try and give users some room for their responses, opinions or rebuttals by leaving 20 characters in your initial tweet. This will allow for users to not only reply to your content, but even retweet you so your message gets shared with their social connections as well.

Mix Up Your Tweets

No one enjoys the same exact thing every single day, and the same things applies in social media. Try and add some variety to your tweets by mixing them up a little bit. If you are always tweeting statistics or data, consider asking your followers a question; if you generally stick to standard text-only tweets, consider uploading a photo, infographic or video; want to show your support of another user even though it’s not Friday? Go ahead and do it!

Social media continues to prove to us that the industry is constantly changing – and at a rapid pace. As these platforms become further developed, switching up your routine or strategy can only benefit you in the end. Do you have any other tips that have helped increase your engagement levels on Twitter? If so, please share them in the comment box below.

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