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5 Digital Pillars of E-commerce with CEO Harry Gold

The major drive for marketers today is to get people to immediately click, buy, engage, and consume. However, many companies don’t know the basic channels and tactics when it comes to digital marketing. So, how can you drive success in your e-commerce or omni-channel organization? In his keynote presentation at the NEMOA Fall Summit, CEO Harry Gold revealed the five digital pillars of e-commerce and simple tactics you can use right now to boost your ROI.





Read the summary of the channels below to get quick tips and best practices that drive e-commerce success. You can also watch the full NEMOA Fall Summit keynote and grab the slides to follow along here.



1 . SEO

Search Engine Optimization is where targeting and timing intersect! With SEO, you are reaching the right audiences when they are looking for what you sell.

Make sure your company does the following:

  • Document, prioritize and share your target terms on a hot sheet
  • Optimize on categories and products
  • Know where you stand by monitoring your SEO health




2. SEM (Paid Search)

Do you know the probability of your company ranking on top of page 1 organically for every ideal search term? It’s not very high. That’s why you need a paid search management process in place.

Here are some helpful takeaways:

  • Know your KPIs – meet with team members and have a weekly tracking summit
  • Test an ROI-based campaign taxonomy
  • Over time, know your new customer rate and value



3. PLAs and Feeds (Paid Search)

Product Listing Ads and Feeds work well and are attached to SEM at the hip. There are many options to place your product feeds, but most companies use Google and Amazon.

Use these best practices to get the most of out your product feeds:

  • Align your product database and Google/Amazon shopping taxonomy
  • Keep feeds up-to-date in terms of product selection, availability, and pricing
  • Constantly optimize your feeds and ensure titles contain brand, keywords, size, etc.



4. Remarketing

The Google Display Network is the main place that most organizations use for remarketing because it’s easy to add on to SEM programs. To fetch visitors back to your site, you build your cookie pools with display ads via retargeting.

Use these helpful retargeting tips to optimize your SEM program:

  • Know your KPIs – question why things worked or did not work
  • Segment based on ROI levels, purchase consideration, and products
  • Go dynamic – use dynamic ads from Google or Criteo that display products recently viewed by a prospect



5. Social Advertising

Social advertising is a very effective channel for one simple reason: custom audiences. Simply, you show customers ads based on what they’ve already looked at on the site, increasing their likelihood to buy.

Try these social advertising tactics to improve your campaigns:

  • Create and segment custom audiences based on purchases, behavior, CRM, etc.
  • Test pre-approved ads and offers
  • Create social urgency with phrases like “today only”


Interested in learning more? Watch the full keynote and download the slides here!

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