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5 Dos of Facebook Advertising

It’s no secret that paid media advertising is on the rise, and Facebook is leading the way. In 2015, the click through rate (CTR) of a Facebook ad averages 1.5%, making it a cost-effective choice for advertisers. But not all Facebook ad campaigns are created equally. Check out this list of 5 dos of Facebook advertising to ensure the success of your campaigns:

    1. Split Testing. Thanks to Facebook Insights, marketers can determine ad effectiveness by evaluating factors like CTR. That, in combination with the split testing, also known as A/B testing, of different images and target audiences, helps to differentiate the successful ads from the others. When some businesses only create “one or two ads and they don’t get the results they were looking for…they assume Facebook Ads don’t work for them.”  Rather, companies should be creating a wide variety of ads, comparing them against each other, and then finding out what works for them. This also helps to eliminate wasteful spending, as marketers can invest their budget in campaigns that have already tested successfully.
    2. Direct Consumers to Relevant Content – With Facebook ads, there is the option to select a call to action. Keeping that in mind, it is crucial that the CTA is relevant to the content that the ad is linking to. By “making sure that your ads and landing page are relevant to what the user wants to see…means a lower bounce rate.” Reducing bounce rate should be important to all digital marketers, and users will be quick to leave if they don’t see what was promised.
    3. Develop User-Targeted Content– Gone are the days of blasting out generic content to the masses. Facebook allows creators to select very specific audiences, for which the ads should be equally unique. Selection options include age, gender, location, interest, connections (includes people who like your page, their friends, people who don’t already like your page, etc.), and behaviors (device usage, nonprofit organizations they’ve donated to, etc.). With the ability to select such niche audiences, marketers can now speak directly to an extremely unique group of consumers. This allows for the development of effective and relevant advertisements.
    4. Offer Facebook-Exclusive Offers – Running Facebook-exclusive offers through your ads is the quickest way to get viewers to engage. If consumers know that a specific offer is only available through Facebook, it incentivizes them to interact with your page and your brand.
    5. Consider Type and Placement – Facebook has three options when selecting ad placement: Desktop News Feed, Mobile News Feed and Desktop Right Column. It’s important to consider the difference between mobile and desktop advertising. Today, 60 percent of all users are visiting Facebook on their phones and tablets. When deciding how to reach your target audience, the majority are mobile users, detracting from the value of desktop ads. Beyond considering placement, there are ad types available that go beyond the basics. Carousel ads are located within the news feed featuring a scrollable group if 3-5 images/videos that can be changed by swiping on mobile or arrow clicking on desktop. These ads entice consumers to interact with the ad, giving them power to change the images. Dynamic Product Ads are also an option and appear like other ads. However, they are actually extreme targeted delivering timely and relevant ads based on a user’s behavior when interacting with a brand.

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