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A ‘Live.ly’ new app!

Do you love Facebook Live and Periscope? Well, get your phones ready – there’s a new kid on the block, and it’s growing fast! Meet Live.ly, the live streaming platform of Musical.ly. Initially only available for stars and celebrities, Live.ly is now available for all users.

(Source – Live.ly App iTunes Store Listing)

When Musical.ly was launched for music and lip-syncing, the developers noticed something really different from what they anticipated. Users were not only singing along with Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande, but also sharing videos of animals and humor. Perhaps that was the muse behind the launch of Live.ly. Live.ly connects you to your fandom in Musical.ly and lets you share live videos with your fans in an interactive way.

What they did right?

  • They relied just on word of mouth. The developers got Live.ly connected to Musical.ly. So you didn’t have to look far to find friends, you just have to login with your Musical.ly credentials.
  • They learnt quickly and got into the ‘Live streaming’ game because the market became saturated.
  • They included exciting perks like ‘Best Fan’ or live follower count.

The result?

Live.ly rose to #1 over Facebook and Instagram within 4 days of its launch. As of July 3, it slowed down and stood at #3.


The app has already got more than half a million downloads and has early-adopters like Jason Derulo and Mark Cuban trying it out. Now, we are as excited about this new kid as you are, and we believe this app is going to be a strong contender much like Snapchat or Periscope in the world of live videos.

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