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A Sign of Smart Marketing

CVSI haven’t gotten my flu shot yet this year, so this sign certainly caught my attention, but not just because it seems way too early in the season to be worrying about coming down with the dreaded influenza.

The marketer in me thought it was such a great idea to offer those who get their flu shot at this CVS/pharmacy on Brighton Avenue in Allston a 20% Off Shopping Pass. After all, people who come into the store to get vaccinated aren’t necessarily thinking about meandering up and down the aisles. But if you give them that discount along with the needle, they’re certainly more likely to buy a thing or two on their way out the door. It’s a good deal for the customer and a great strategy by CVS. It’s a sign of smart marketing.

So ask yourself…regardless of your business, how could you leverage a similar strategy to pleasantly surprise your own customers? What incentives could you offer them to increase your cross-sell and up-sell revenues? What products and services could you bundle together? How could you turn one small sale into a much bigger purchase? 


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