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Benefit Driven Ad Copy and Landing Pages are Truly Silver Bullets When Used for PPC

Sometimes I like to post emails I send to clients explain certain best practices so here is one:

Hello XXXX (of course I cannot divulge who they are),

I know that this info has been presented to you guys in one form or another at different times but I thought I would package it up for you in this email just to make sure we are constantly evolving in the right direction.

It is a study done by Google that talks about how strong benefit and offer statements in the ads coupled with strong conversion oriented landing pages is what drives the best results. Also below you will see an email from an actual client at XXXXXX (sorry I cannot reveal that either but of you get in touch with me I will show you the case study) who after 18 months of internal struggles with compliance and product managers finally got a few of our landing pages launched. At its worst, lead flow doubled and at its best, it increased 10 fold!

I am sending this because I think we still have a ways to go in terms of creating and applying compelling offers against your different products and services that really resonate with your target audience. I know that the arsenal of offers we have now are what we are using in the current “battlefield.” But again I want to make sure we are setting the bar in the right place. Things like creating offer and benefit driven ad copy and landing pages are truly silver bullets when it comes to paid search and online marketing in general. The results you see from those efforts, as complicated from a content creation and messaging standpoint as they might be, are exponentially greater and faster then what you will get from optimizing on a keywords, clicks and bids. (Not to undervalue the surgical management of those items.) In addition, great offers and landing pages will greatly increase your stable of performing terms because you get higher click rates on your ads and conversion rates on your landing pages.

I think once we have the keyword and ad copy situation stabilized (which should essentially be now) I would like us to have a breakout call that focuses in on what we are doing regarding this subject and what can be done to revisit the benefit and offer matrix we did when we started. Then we want to explore what can be done to carry those essentially elements more into our ad copy and landing pages. This is where you guys are going to see the most bang for you buck. Of course we are making recommendations against the pages you have now. However, in the long term I think we need to apply more energy against the content of the offers in addition to the topical and structural element page recommendations we are making now.

Looking forward to these talks,

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