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Brand Marketer’s Wish List for Agencies of the Future

An online digital marketing and interactive advertising survey by Sapient reveals brand marketers’ wish list for their advertising and marketing agencies. At the top of the list is greater knowledge of the digital space or expertise in interactive campaigns. Others that caught my attention are: more use of “pull interactions” (such as social media and online communities), agency executives who use the technology they are recommending, Web 2.0 and social media savvy, and ability to measure success. As an online marketer, I completely agree with this list. And working for Overdrive, most of these things are like second nature already when we deal with online media campaigns. For instance, we strongly believe in using the so-called pull interactions to develop engaging and relevant social campaigns (our mantra might as well be social media is about socializing). And we all make it a point to be fully immersed in the technologies we recommend to our clients. And our reports measure not just success, but also comparisons to past performance and future expectations. So we’re definitely on the right track.

That wish list also got me thinking – what if agencies came out with our own wish list for brand marketers of the future? Most of the items would probably mirror or be parallel because let’s face it, we’re all shooting for the same stars anyway. What do you think – do you have your own agency or marketers wish list?

To see the full Top 10 Wish List, click here.

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