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Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and…Bounce

Here at Overdrive Interactive, we take our work very seriously. Almost as seriously, we take the time to enjoy having fun with our co-workers. To enjoy each other’s company outside of the office, we took a trip to SkyZone Indoor Trampoline Park in Dedham.

Upon arrival, we signed our lives away and geared up for some 3-D Dodgeball. Very quickly after, we unleashed the 9-year-olds inside each of us to trampoline heaven, as the entire area consisted of floor-to-wall trampolines.

After the first few minutes of free jump, we split up in two teams and started in on the main event. Speaking for myself, 3-D Dodgeball is a lot more strenuous than previously anticipated. Getting in roughly 10 games, we got some good exercise.

Keep in mind, this was all in good fun, and although some minor scrapes and bruises joined the party, no major injuries took place. As usual, we celebrated a great company event by capturing a group photo!

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