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Drive>Capture>Convert>Optimize (DCCO) is a framework that visualizes all your digital marketing components– media, creative, MarTech and tactic, and chronologically illustrates the functionality of each. By breaking down your marketing infrastructure into different customer buying phases, you can target your audience with the right messaging at the right time, and with the right channel.  

Watch Overdrive CEO, Harry J. Gold describe Drive > Capture > Convert > Optimize – a complete digital operations framework in the below video.  

Video Transcript 

“When you bring all that together, what you’re able to do is maintain a marketing system, right? Maintain a marketing infrastructure.  

In most companies, when you’re doing demand generation, it looks something like this.  

We start with your brand. Now, typically, we work for very large enterprises. We are not the creators of their brands, but we do have to understand their brand from a tonality standpoint, from a graphical standpoint. We have to understand their products, understand compliance, and understand all that good stuff.  

And then under that brand umbrella, the first thing we deploy is Drive. And what we do is we’re driving traffic with search, online media, and social media, into Capture, where we have landing pages, websites, webinars, and maybe call centers. We’re connecting with our target audience, getting some data, and we’re putting that into Convert. And then Convert, that’s where your CRM lives. That’s where your marketing automation platform lives. That’s where your sales team lives.  

Your sales team might try to pick some leads, but a lot of the leads aren’t really ready for a conversation with your sales team. So, you need to warm them up. You’re pushing out email and direct mail and telemarketing and things to get them ready to have that sales conversation. Or you’re increasing their lead score to the point where sales will pay attention to them. And then, of course, you might close the deal. And then everything is wrapped in Optimize, the ability to track, report, and respond to what works and what doesn’t work.  

We call this construct Drive, Capture, Convert, Optimize. But here’s the important thing. Well, a couple of important things. One is, I like this chart because everyone in your team can now point at what they do. And you might have your team spread out across the country, spread out across the world, and even spread out across different companies.  

It’s important for everyone to be able to point at what they do within this infrastructure and know how they live in your marketing ecosystem.”


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