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Facebook Actions on External Websites

Most Facebook users are already familiar with the Facebook Social Ads (sponsored ads that pop up on your News Feed), but few know about Facebook’s partnership with other external websites, particularly Yelp and Blockbuster. If you’re like me, and you’re constantly on Facebook (and really, who else is still not on Facebook?) AND you’re a member of Yelp and Blockbuster, then you would know by now that every review on Yelp, and every addition to your movie queue on Blockbuster, also gets featured on your News Feed (if you allow it) and in your Profile.

These are obviously great ways to incorporate actual user-generated actions into your brand or website. After all, aren’t these just ways to build a stronger, more recognizable brand? As online marketers, we’re all rooting for the power of social media. And as consumers, we’re all participating in and growing this phenomenon.

However, I’m wondering: just how much will these feeds affect my Facebook life? When my friends see that I added a movie like “Live Free or Die Hard” onto my Blockbuster queue, will I be judged? When they see that I posted a bad review for their favorite restuarant on Yelp, will I be stoned? And this is where the fun begins. The genius of Facebook is that this is yet another avenue that opens up a new window for conversations. Go ahead and discuss the movies that your friends rented. Or go ahead and put your two cents worth about the latest restaurant reviews. This is where the socializing happens.

Kudos to Facebook for ultimately letting the user decide what gets published or not (tip: it’s somewhere in your Privacy settings). In the end, we all need to realize that we’re all part of this big interconnected social media community, where we share (almost) everything with our friends, fans, peers, and communities. Enjoy!

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