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Facebook and Fendi

Would you buy a bag designed via Facebook?

What if it’s a Fendi bag, to be sold exclusively on Bergdorf Goodman?

Yes, it’s true. There will soon exist a Fendi bag designed on Facebook. If you think crowdsourcing is just for techies, think again. The fashion industry is jumping on the crowsourcing trend, and the most recent big-name luxury brand is Fendi, which first let Facebook fans submit designs on Bergdorf Goodman’s Fendi Frenzy Facebook tab, and are now letting fans vote for their favorite color combo (hurry, you can vote until tomorrow, April 29th!).

Sounds cool right, especially if you’re a luxury-goods loving fashionista?

But what if you’re a marketer who wants to target those fashionistas?

Normally, advertisers can type keywords or the name of a Facebook Page into the Likes & Interests targeting field in the self-service ad creator, and also select from a number of suggestions to decide who the ad will appear to. So if you’re a marketing, you might type in: shopping, bags, purses, shoes, clothes, Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel, window-shopping, online shopping, etc etc. This feature of very specific targeting options is one of Facebook’s strongest suites. However, today on Inside Facebook, it was announced that Facebook is rolling out an optional broad interest category and family status targeting.

According to the article, Facebook has made several new self-serve ad targeting options available to a test group of users, including family status such as “Parents”, “Engaged (< 6 months)”, or “Newlywed (< 1 year)”, as well as “Has birthday in < 1 week”. Those in the test group have the option to target ads to broad categories of interests, such as musical genres, types of sports, activities such as photography, and professional categories such as real estate, in addition to traditional precise interest targeting.

For advertisers, instead of manually typing in shopping-related keywords, you can just choose the Retail/Shopping category Luxury Goods.

Facebook is capitalizing on its wealth of demographic and interest level data, and as a result now has the capability to increase ad targeting options. This only means that Facebook ads will be able to target your desired users more effectively, and advertisers can customize campaigns even more.

So whether you’re targeting an audience interested in luxury goods, baby formulas, business and technology, movies, music, or sports, chances are, you can reach your audience through Facebook.

And if you need help with your Facebook and other online media campaigns, Overdrive is just a call, email, wall post, or tweet away.

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