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Facebook Announces its Registration Tool

As a solution to more efficiently register for a site, Facebook announced its new registration tool. With this new technology, Facebook can now share basic information from user accounts with external sites to auto-fill registration forms, cutting down the time it takes for users to complete the process themselves.

With this new tool, all user data can be automatically pulled into the appropriate fields. Once a user has logged into Facebook and then visits a third-party site, all relevant information will be pulled into the form. If the site wishes to retain additional information, they can add more fields which will be the only ones left for users to complete themselves.

To avoid any concerns with privacy settings, users have the ability to control which information is shared as well. If they would rather fill out the form manually, they have the option to do so; no information is shared with the website until the user clicks “Register” at the end of the form.

With Facebook’s new registration tool, it will allow the process of registering for a site to be a lot faster, and also adds a personal component to the experience as well.

To find more information on this tool and to learn how to add it to your site, check out the documentation here.

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