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Four Questions of Marketing Management


There are four questions marketers can ask themselves every day to be successful.

Overdrive CEO Harry J. Gold speaks about these four questions and how to incorporate them into your daily routine. 

Video Transcript 

“There are four questions that you can ask yourself every day. And if you answer these four questions, you’ll literally cover 99% of the stuff you’re dealing with. Okay, so here are the four questions.  

Question number one: Are the finances in order? So, everyone asks, ‘Why do you put the money first, and why are you talking about money?’ Well, I’ll tell you why I’m talking about money first. Because as an agency or marketing department, if you mess up the money, you’ll mess everything up, right? If you overspend, if you underspend, if your contracts aren’t signed, if your budgets aren’t tightly defined, it can really cause many problems.  

Question number two: What are the open issues? What are the open issues? Close them, right? If you’re waiting for approval from something from a client or a colleague and you don’t get it, don’t just sit there and wait for them to get back to you. Reach out to them and say, ‘hey, I’m waiting for that.’ Right? So, if you’re waiting for something from a client or a colleague, it’s up to you to close that issue and contact them. A lot of people get a little nervous about pestering clients for approval or feedback. But the thing is, I never had a client get mad at me when I called them up and said, hey, you’re paying me to finish this job, and I really need this feedback because if you don’t do that, they’ll get you the feedback last minute and you won’t have time to finish the job. It’s important that you’re not shy about testing people or encouraging them to give you the information you need to finish the job they’re hiring you to do. So, question number two is, what are the open issues? Close them.  

Question number three: Is this going to work? How many times have you worked on something where you kind of knew in the back of your mind this isn’t going to work? I’ve done this before. This isn’t going to work. Now, that’s tough because sometimes you’re an agency, and a client is telling you to do something a certain way, or someone in the agency has a big idea, and you don’t think it’s going to work. So, here’s the thing. You ask yourself the question, ‘is this going to work?’ If the answer is yes, proceed. If the answer is no, you don’t have to be a wet blanket in the meeting and let everyone know. But what you do have to do is pull your superior or the person you report to aside and say, hey, I’ve got some concerns here. Or pull your client aside and say, hey, I just want to let you know I’ve got a couple of concerns here. I’ve done this before. Or I’m looking at the way we’re laying out this page, this landing page, or this ad, or whatever it is nice and concerns this is going to work. And here’s what they are. o, it’s usually beneficial to speak up and say, hey, I’m not sure this is going to work. And here’s why. And here are some alternative ideas or some tweaks to this idea that might make it work. So, the third question is, hey, is this going to work? Very important question. Now, the last question is the special sauce. Okay?  

The last question is: How can this be better, right? So even if it’s going to work, I’ve never looked at a landing page or a web page, or an ad and at least didn’t have some best practice tweet that might make it a little better. So again, even if it’s going to work, take a look. Is there any way to make this better?  

So those are your four questions of marketing, management, the finances in order. What are the open issues? Is this going to work? How can this be better?” 


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