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Halloween Comes Early to Overdrive Interactive

Last Friday, October 25th, Overdrive celebrated Halloween early with an afternoon of tricks, treats, fun and games. When the clock struck twelve (noon), laptops and pens were traded for beer and costumes, as Overdrive‘s 2013 Dead Celebrity-themed Halloween party began! With attendees including Eazy-E, Kurt Cobain, Elsie the Cow, Bob Marley, Babe Ruth and Elvis Presley, things got a little wild.

Every costume at the party was fun, original and creative — even the twins who showed up (Billy Mays and Steve Irwin both had secret identical twin brothers! Who knew?) had their own distinct flares. The prize for Best Costume, however, went to Raoul Duke (or was it Hunter S. Thompson?), a.k.a. Search Team member Nick Pucillo, who looked flawless in his striped shorts, high white socks, Hawaiian shirt, bucket hat and aviator sunglasses.

Raoul Duke, Hunter S. Thompson, or Overdrive's Nick Pucillo?

Raoul Duke, Hunter S. Thompson, or Overdrive’s Nick Pucillo?

Every so often, the Overdrive team likes to get together to relax, step back from work for an hour, and have some fun with an office-wide, theme-based potluck lunch, which is how the afternoon began. Inspired by both Halloween and the party theme, the 2013 Overdrive Halloween Potluck Competition was broken into the following categories:

  • The Amy Winehouse award for best salad: won by Amy Winehouse herselfl! (a.k.a. Rachel Cox, Accounts)
  • The Michael Jackson award for best trick-or-treat dish (tastes different than it looks): won by Margaret Thatcher (Nellie Nikolov, Accounts)
  • The Kurt Cobain award for best BBQ: won by Ernest Hemingway (David Gibson, Accounts)
  • The Jeffrey Dahmer award for best use of meat: won by Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes (Laura Mortenson, Accounts)
  • The Marilyn Monroe award for deliciously sweet: won by Cleopatra (Kristina Momchilova, Search)
  • The Bruce Lee award for most healthy: also won by Amy Winehouse
Overdrive potlucks are always fun, delicious and full of friendly competition

Overdrive potlucks are always fun, delicious and full of friendly competition

After lunch the real fun began, with a round of trivia/20 Questions that was won by a motley crew comprised of John Belushi, Steve Irwin and Amy Winehouse (a.k.a. Ty Velde, Seth Richtsmeier and Rachel Cox). John Belushi won big a second time when it came to the classic Halloween game of racing to see who can be the first to finish eating a donut dangling from a string, just barely beating the younger Billy Mays (that’s right — both young Billy Mays and slightly younger Billy Mays came to our party!) Watch the last few moments of the showdown here: Musical Death Match: Bambi's Mom vs. Billy Mays vs. Kurt Cobain vs. Billy Mays Musical Death Match: Bambi’s Mom vs. Billy Mays vs. Kurt Cobain vs. Billy Mays[/caption]

With such a fun, talented, intelligent team, the Overdrive Interactive office is a great place to be any day, but we do love to celebrate special occasions together! Good food, great company, friendly competition and risk-taking creativity brought our party to life, and now we’d like to hear from you. Comment below and tell us: What is your favorite part of Halloween? (No matter what your response, we at Overdrive wish all of you a safe, spooky, Happy Halloween!)

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