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Help Your Parents Become Tech Savvy With This Google Care Package

I’m very comfortable assuming that I’m not the only one who has a family member that still types with one pointer finger and regularly struggles with the basics of a desktop computer. And yes, I’ll admit that every time I come home to visit I get asked questions about how to do certain things on the internet. This year, I have to admit I’m very excited about Google’s new Care Package they have created for anyone hoping to turn their family members into future “techies” – or at least understand this technology just a little bit more.

At TeachParentsTech.org, over 50 videos are available to send to parents and family members on everything from changing the background on a computer, to searching the web for information, and even how to import and adjust media files. By sending these videos, our parents and family members can visually see what they need to do, and follow the simple “how-to” videos we send to them.

In addition to the sharing these videos with our future “tech savvy” friends and family members, Google is giving the first 10,000 senders real tech support care packages to send to anyone they wish at no cost.

Sending these resources to family and friends will make everyone’s lives easier. My favorite part? With this new Tech Support Care Package my holiday shopping just got a lot easier.

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