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How Does Creative Help Conversions?


Effective creative can enhance your messaging, increase brand recognition, and even drive sales. Watch Jessica O’Brien, Creative Director at Overdrive Interactive, explain how creative can convert prospects into customers. 


Video Transcript 


Your audience isn’t seeking you out; they’re looking to solve their problem. By definition, marketing is what makes sure your product is compelling, while advertising brings that vision to life by positioning your product or service as the thing that meets your audience’s needs. Design is how you’re delivered to that audience, from brand creation to demand-gen campaigns to websites; your creative is the packaging for your unique value proposition. 


At the end of the day, you’re looking for your creative to convince and convert your audience from a prospect into a customer. Your audience is busy, so you need to make sure of two things. One that your messaging is explicit about what you want people to do right now. On your landing page or ad, if you’re not telling your audience the exact action you want them to take, and why they should take it, whether that’s downloading an e-book or signing up for a demo, it will fail to encourage that action. Number two, great design is invisible, and it is frictionless. Everything from the amount of white space to information hierarchy to the colors of your call to action, these subtle cues build an experience that assures your audience of the action you want them to take. Your design shouldn’t distract, and it shouldn’t be the main focus of attention. But instead, it should be the best environment it can be to empower your prospect to take the next step. You can start your journey to a more CRO-focused creative by looking at it through the lens of your audience. Empathize with their problem and put yourself into their shoes. You may see what possible barriers to entry exist in your design and messaging. Adjust what you can, and then begin A/B testing all elements to see what moves the needle. 



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