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How Foursquare Lists Can Benefit Your Business

Beginning today, Foursquare has officially rolled out its new Lists feature. With the launch of this new capability, it makes finding and sharing different places in your location that much easier. Not only will this benefit individual users, but businesses as well.

Foursquare now suggests lists based on users’ previous check-ins, making it easier to find and explore locations they may be interested in. Developing these lists are now much faster and easier to create and share.  If you would prefer to create your own, Foursquare has also made this easier to do by auto-completing locations based on what you type in.

For businesses, this new feature is a great element to support those with brick-and-mortar locations, or those striving to be viewed as a resource in their community. For example, business can create a compiled list of all of their locations around the country  so users can follow that list in one easy place; on the other hand, businesses can create their own list of various places in their area that could attract a larger audience of users, ultimately bringing them into the forefront of users’ minds, building a deeper relationship and placing their business as a reference for localized hot spots in their area.

These Foursquare Lists have been created to more deeply connect everything that takes place on the location-based platform. This new feature gives users and businesses the opportunity to explore their surrounding places more easily, together.

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