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How LikeAudience Can Improve Your Social Media Marketing

LikeAudience is an up and coming social media research tool that reports on the characteristics of your Facebook fans, using the databases of Facebook applications myIQ and myPersonality to make these conclusions. While the Facebook users’ identity remains anonymous, their psycho-demographic information is revealed in the results (like Dunkin’ Donuts results below).

While the current sample group LikeAuidience measures is small, it still provides important information. Here are ways to use the application no matter what your company’s current social status is:

  1. Viewing your own result page can give you insight about your fans you might not have known, allowing you to create relevant content that may apply to a high concentration of them.
  2. If you are a new company without a strong Facebook page, view your biggest competitor’s results; this will give you a better understanding of the consumer and signify ideas on how to acquire a similar fan base.
  3. You can use the result page of a baseball team, political party, popular YouTube video, or a new movie to better understand the fans for that interest; and if they match your company’s desired profile, target them with Facebook ads.

Social media marketing is most successful when a company knows about their customer’s profile and can satisfy them with their product/service.  Using LikeAuidience is a great way for new and old companies to get further connected with their customers.

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