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How To Clean Up Your Facebook Profile

In an earlier post on cleaning up your Twitter account, we walked through the quick and easy steps to remove unwanted applications that have access to your account. With Facebook, similar actions apply. As with Twitter, several third-party applications may have a certain form of access to your account that you are unaware of. With a few simple steps, your Facebook profile will be on its way to safe – and secure – greatness once again.

From your home screen, click to the top right “Account” tab where you will find a drop down list of options. Begin by clicking on “Privacy Settings”:

On the next screen, scroll to the bottom where you will find “Apps and Websites” and click on the link to “Edit your settings”:

When coming to the next screen, click on the “Edit Settings” button that appears next to the list of apps you currently have linked to your Facebook account:

When coming to the next screen, you will notice there is a list of each individual application with the option to “Edit Settings”. After clicking on this link, you will see the access that is given to each one. Upon viewing these settings, you can then go in and remove certain settings that you would prefer that application would not have.

Keep in mind that many of these applications may be showing access such as “post status messages, notes, photos and videos to  my Wall” – a capability many may prefer not to allow an application to have.

Once you remove this access, that setting will no longer appear under that application. In the event that you would like to have the application removed altogether, you can do so by clicking the “Remove app” link to the right of the application name.

After you have completed these steps, you have successfully cleaned up your Facebook profile! Until the next time you allow access to third-party applications, your Facebook page is ready for all of your future status updates.

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