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Keep Your Media Reps Close

I was at a pitch recently, where one of our senior planners made a statement that made me extremely proud. She said, “An online channel is more than media buys and ads running on Web sites; it’s the relationships your agency has with the people who work at those sites.” Our company has always strived to build warm, honest, collaborative relationships with the media properties we work with, and here was one of our team members expressing that idea perfectly. It reminded me that many of our biggest success stories are due in large part to the great working relationships we have with our reps.

As founder of our media department, I’ve always tried to have our planners and buyers bring something to the table when we’re planning and negotiating media. Specifically, we try to get media reps to understand and embrace our clients’ goals the way we do. If you can achieve this, you’ll create a much stronger channel and, therefore, a more successful online campaign.

Based on that approach, I’m going to share a couple secrets I’ve learned over the years, secrets at the heart of this approach that have served the agencies I’ve worked for and, more importantly, my clients extremely well.

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