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MarketingSherpa Teams up with Overdrive Interactive to present Webinar on Evolving Social Media Landscape

MarketingSherpa, a leader in marketing research and education, has teamed up with social media marketing agency Overdrive Interactive to present “Social Media Is About Socializing” webinar. The session will take place Tuesday, June 23, at 2:00 PM EDT. The webinar will feature Jeanne Hopkins, MarketingSherpa’s CMO and Harry Gold, CEO of Overdrive Interactive.

“MarketingSherpa is excited to be working with Overdrive because they have crafted successful online marketing campaigns using social media for clients such as Harley-Davidson, EMC and Cognos,” said Hopkins. “Research from the recently released MarketingSherpa Social Media & PR Benchmark Guide outlines the need for a well-thought out plan in both B2C and B2B markets.”

“Social Media Is About Socializing” will address the necessity of a social media presence for today’s businesses and the numerous benefits of joining the virtual play space via Facebook, Twitter, blogging and more. Specifically, the webinar will focus on:

    • Defining what social media marketing is and how the social media landscape fits together


    • Demonstrating how to weave content into the social web to create relationships with “friends” and “fans”


    • Joining customer conversations by encouraging the utilization, sharing and posting of high value content



    • Measuring social media success and reporting meaningful metrics and ROI


  • Showing real case studies from companies you know using social media to build their brands and make real connections with target audiences


“The businesses that are growing in this financial climate are incorporating social media elements into their interactive marketing strategies,” says Gold. “If executed correctly, social media marketing can make both a measurable impact with leads and revenue as well as build brand loyalty over time.”

To join MarketingSherpa and Overdrive Interactive for “Social Media Is About Socializing” webinar register at http://tinyurl.com/pfjyxg.

About Overdrive Interactive
Overdrive Interactive is a full-service online marketing agency based in Boston that helps clients grow their business with engaging and measurable online media, social media and search engine marketing campaigns and services. The agency specializes in creating genuine consumer connections that help companies build their brands, generate leads and drive revenue. Overdrive serves organizations that are seeking a high level of accountability from their marketing firms and advertising investments. For more information, please visit Overdrive.

About MarketingSherpa
MarketingSherpa is a research firm specializing in tracking what works in all aspects of marketing (and what does not.) So, we’re not an agency, consultancy or other vendor seeking your business. We’re not even available for private research — all our research is published for the entire MarketingSherpa community to benefit from. Our goal — to give marketers of the world the stats, inspiration, and instructions to improve their results.


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