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Newsletter Sponsorships: Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride

Newsletter sponsorships never get enough attention.

What comes to your mind when you hear the term Online Media? Banner ads, right? Banner ads or display ads are synonymous with online media campaigns, but did you know that online media is not just about banner ads? Online media is also about newsletter sponsorships, emails, text ads, buttons, videos, webinars, virtual conferences, whitepaper syndication, and many more. A good media campaign should have a full media suite. While effective display and rich media banners are certainly major factors in campaign performance, let’s not forget the supporting cast.

Newsletter sponsorships can also be highly effective, and are usually very cost-efficient. They’re effective because they’re already targeting your preferred audience (and you can further dial in your targeting by choosing content-relevant articles or themes). And they’re cost-efficient because they are usually cheaper than direct CPM buys.

Plus, if you have a good media planning and buying team who can negotiate amazing rates for you (ehem), then you may be able to get these newsletter sponsorships as a value-add or at a heavily discounted price.

We include newsletter sponsorships in both B2B and B2C campaigns, and not only do we get good brand visibility, conversion rates and clickthrough rates are pretty good. Sure, sometimes, newsletters get ignored (so pay attention to your open rates) BUT they offer something that display banners don’t: longetivity.

Let’s say you sponsor a newsletter today (you’ll be in any or all of the red spaces marked on the newsletter image above), but the subscriber doesn’t open it because he’s busy. But he doesn’t delete the newsletter, he just saves it for another day.  Newsletters stay in inboxes for days, weeks, even months. We have one B2B client whose newsletter sponsorships keep generating leads up to three months after send date! Three months!

So don’t ignore newsletter sponsorships and the other media placements that aren’t as flashy or attention grabbing as the omnipresent display ad on a website. Pay more attention to the bridesmaid!

newsletter sponsorships should be considered the Pippa Middleton of Online Media

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to realize how your direct response and branding campaigns will benefit from these often-overlooked media placements. And if you need any help, you know where to find us.

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