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Online Shopping Won’t Stop After the Holidays

Throughout the holidays, businesses saw an inflation in online sales as consumers made online shopping their priority. As the holiday season has ended, it seems that online spending has not; users are willing to pay to download or access their content online.

A recent report from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project has announced that nearly 65 percent of users have paid for online content. With digital music and software at the top, users have also expressed interest in online gaming, applications for cell phones, as well as news articles, videos, and other types of media.

The majority of those included in this study were already regular internet users, but 25 percent were not – suggesting they would still prefer to go online to utilize their resources than elsewhere.

The most surprising data collected was the large trend in online subscriptions. Reportedly, one-fifth of those surveyed admitted to paying for digital newspapers, magazines and journal articles; some also buying e-books. This finding offers insight to newspapers and magazines to source their content online and attract users with the internet.

As many consumers have continued to pay for their content online, it seems the relationship between the newspaper and the internet continues to grow. With both men and women making the move towards online paid subscriptions, businesses can regain their audience by establishing their brand on the internet.

Although the holiday hype has ended, consumers have not reacted as such. While users are online shopping, businesses can take this opportunity to target their audience accordingly. So how should businesses adjust? Online marketing allows businesses to connect with these consumers and target them where they already are: online. So, as steady online spending moves along, the budded romance between businesses and the internet continues.

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