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Overdrive Releases The 2023 Social Media Map

Millions of people use social media daily to share information,  make connections, and explore new interests, so maintaining a strong social media presence is of utmost importance in 2023. This requires marketers to thoughtfully assess their social strategy and prioritize long-term rather than short-term effects that keep audiences engaged. To give marketers an upper hand, Overdrive Interactive has recently updated the 2023 Social Media Map, which features hundreds of live links categorized into 25 distinct categories.

Download the Social Media Map with live links here. 

Notable Features:

  • 660 live links to navigate the Social Media world
  • 50 newly added links
  • And much more to explore!

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Below are the 25 distinct categories featured on the map, along with descriptions to help familiarize yourself with the popular tools, apps, and sites:

Video Sharing

Video remains essential to strategies for all social channels as it is a powerful algorithm driver. Skyrocketing to new heights, TikTok continues to attract and engage new users on a global scale as the fourth most used platform. On TikTok, videos of varying lengths (15 seconds to 10 minutes) can be created, uploaded, remixed, and easily downloaded and shared with other social networks. In addition, the app’s differentiators made it a quick fan favorite with features like TikTok Duets and Stitch. With Duets, users can place their video commentary next to the original during simultaneous playback. On the other hand, a Stitch allows users to insert other people’s content into their own TikTok.

Payment Apps

Payment apps make sending and receiving money easier than ever. Programs like Venmo are ideal for safely transferring and receiving money between friends, family, and businesses. Venmo lets people create a business profile and sign up for a Venmo Credit Card with perks like cash back to send, spend, or purchase crypto.


Blogs offer a space to share long-format writing about niche expertise, and they’ve influenced the emergence of partnerships where bloggers can post about a brand’s product. In effect, both parties stand to make a profit. Other ways bloggers can generate additional revenue is by including third-party display ads on their sites. Drupal is a leading CMS enabling bloggers to build dynamic web experiences with a modular design and content management approach.

Photo Sharing

One of the earliest forms of social media, photo-sharing websites and apps have evolved from their first iterations. Today, photo-sharing extends beyond the average person and is often utilized by influencers to advertise new products. For example, BeReal is a new photo-sharing app where people can only post one real-time photo daily to promote authenticity in the social media sphere. Although the app does not currently offer ad space or business pages, some brands have joined BeReal to interact with followers on a more personal level.

Management and Tracking

Management and tracking platforms are essential to develop and maintain successful social media campaigns. Determ is a real-time media monitoring solution that tracks customer, competitor, and market insights. As a result, businesses can make more timely and informed decisions.


Today, queries can be instantly answered from various websites that search engines provide. However, if you’re unable to find an answer, community-led forums are a great alternative. For instance, AskReddit is a subreddit of Reddit to ask and answer questions.


Before making a purchase, many consumers research the product or service by reading reviews. Birdeye is a reputation and customer experience platform that assists businesses with collecting reviews, engaging with customers and growing sales.


Over the years, podcasts have grown in popularity as more people consume audio content during working hours and in their free time. Megaphone by Spotify is a platform built for and by podcasters that offers dynamic ad insertion, audience targeting, and data-driven creative. Moreover, the platform allows users to publish audio to any podcast app.


Social listening is crucial when it comes to monitoring and measuring consumer sentiment. To better understand customers’ thoughts and feelings, experience management platforms like Qualtrics enables businesses to hear their customers’ needs and respond with the right action.


Need funding assistance for your professional or personal needs? Crowdfunding can help acquire the revenue you need. With FundRazr, individuals and organizations can leverage the platform’s multi-purpose crowdfunding technology for easy, fast, and effective fundraising.


Instead of listening to music on the radio or physical products like records, more and more people are turning to streaming platforms. One of today’s leading music streaming services is Apple Music, giving subscribers access to millions of songs, artists, and podcasts.  Apple Music also offers personalized recommendations and sends notifications when their favorite artists release new music.


Professional social platforms improve how coworkers, employers, and employees connect, share industry news, and promote job openings. In addition to LinkedIn, another useful job board and recruiting platform is SimplyHired. Unlike other job boards that charge a fee for each job listing, SimplyHired lets employers post unlimited job listings for free.


Livestreaming has grown in popularity over the years because it allows for real-time engagement. Nowadays, live streams are an integral component of primary social channels like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. For example, Streamlabs  has gained traction among brands and creators because it allows for real-time engagements to connect with viewers directly. Additionally, live streamers can monetize their broadcasts and grow their following.


Rather than pick up a newspaper or turn on the television, most people rely on the internet for their daily dose of top storylines. With digital news expected to maintain its popularity in 2023, online media companies like theSkimm are gaining more and more subscribers. Every day, theSkimm provides its readers with reliable, non-partisan information about news, trends, policies, and politics in users’ inboxes, on the web, and social media.


Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter keep millions of people across the globe connected. Supernova is a new social app where “likes” earn money for charity; and is the first and only social network that donates profits from advertising to causes and charities.

Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are top priorities for many people, especially post-pandemic. Offering structured programs and workouts that enable people to exercise anywhere, anytime, using no equipment is Sweat. The app allows users to schedule workouts, get real-time reminders, and see their monthly workout history.


Dating sites enable people to find romantic matches online or on mobile devices conveniently. Designed to nurture meaningful connections through voice and avatar interactions is the Metaverse platform, SwoonMe. The interest-driven interactions on the app aim to help users find like-minded people in a more authentic and judgment-free zone.

Local and Location

Location-based apps and websites are tools for targeting a specific geographic location. For instance, Meetup is a platform where users can find and meet new people in their area and pursue their passions with fellow community members.

Influencer Platforms 

Influencers can better connect businesses with their target audience and generate buzz around a product. Platforms like Aspire are beneficial for finding suitable influencers, especially because it’s the only influencer marketing platform with an Influencer Search Engine and a Creator Marketplace.


Since the introduction of travel websites and apps, searching for flights, hotels, or rentals has been a breeze. Hopper is a top travel app that partners with airlines, hotels, homes, and car rental providers worldwide. With algorithms that process and archive trillions of data points, Hopper shows accurate price predictions for travel expenses throughout the year. Further setting themselves apart, Hopper plants two trees for free for every booking to offset the carbon footprint of travel.


Sites like Breezy allow employers to post open positions and find qualified candidates in less time. This is because Breezy advertises open positions on 50+ top job sites with one click. Additionally, Breezy automates time-consuming tasks like pre-screening candidates, scheduling interviews, and collecting team feedback.


Some countries use alternative social networking sites if there is limited access to specific international sites. For instance, YY is a Chinese video-based social network similar to TikTok.


Many companies are turning to Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to create immersive branded experiences. Hoverlay leverages its turn-key suite of technologies to create and share augmented reality content in physical locations. Examples include digital twins of art, holograms, or 3D models in any space or physical location.


Online gaming is an ever-growing industry, and brands are capitalizing on this opportunity to reach their target audience unconventionally. Marketers should consider running in-app ads or collaborating with a gamer to get their product featured. For example, an AI-based networking app, Qlan, connects gamers and esports enthusiasts.


As many brands and businesses have undergone digital transformations since the pandemic, the digital world has become increasingly necessary to thrive in 2023. In turn, understanding how to navigate the social media space effectively is vital to your digital marketing strategy. To help you succeed, Overdrive continues to provide and update live social links to offer a better customer experience.

Ready to learn more? Access the Social Media Map here, and feel free to share it with your network or on your website. Our only request, please link back to this page.

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