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Social Is The Newspaper’s Spice of Life

The life expectancy of newspapers has changed drastically since the explosion of social media and its increase in user interaction. With social media changing the way people find and receive their news it leaves concern focused on the status of the newspaper. But if the newspaper were to incorporate a social aspect into their business it may provide a successful solution.

Why Go Social?

The social media platform offers a huge audience for newspapers to take advantage of and reach. Both Facebook and Twitter pull in over 645 million users combined – an audience that any newspaper would be thrilled to connect with. This new way users consume their news changes the game for newspapers, but can also be very beneficial. This makes it easier to engage with an audience, increase traffic to newspapers, get insights from their audience, increase SEO, and reach a younger audience.

It’s Not A One-Way Street

The relationship between social media and the newspaper doesn’t end with the newspaper expecting to be rescued. In fact, the newspaper can increase social engagement because of the information it provides and who it provides it to. Statistics have shown that users who “like” articles on Facebook are more likely to have 2.4 times more Facebook friends than other users. These users provide newspapers the opportunity to engage with a larger and more targeted audience.

The Social Twist

Newspapers have been around this long for a reason. They have direct, important, and interesting information that people want (and need) to know about. However, now having to compete with the ever-changing internet creates an obstacle for them to work around. By implementing a social aspect, the fight for increased engagement doesn’t have to be difficult. A lot of news will mesh better with social media – breaking news or controversial news will spark a discussion and user engagement. Or instead of depending on the news for a discussion topic, start one first; there will be plenty of readers anxiously waiting to express their comments and opinions.

Previously, the fate of newspapers seemed a little doom and gloom, but  with a little social flair it may find this a way to persevere – at least for the time being. After all “if you can’t beat them, join them”, right?

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