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The 3 Truths of Content Strategy

Coursera-Content-Strategy-for-ProfessionalsDo you want to better understand your audience? Several employees here at Overdrive are enrolling in the free online course, Content Strategy for Professionals, at Coursera.org. In the first week, which is ongoing and still open for registration, you’ll learn about the three truths of content strategy, as dictated by Professor John Lavine of Northwestern University.

No matter your organization, these truths are at the heart of the challenge we all face if we want to create effective communication. It’s important to understand these truths that shape and limit our content.

1. Tidal wave

There is an overwhelming tidal wave of information about every subject. This wave continues to rise, and will rise forever. Think about your favorite beverage (maybe it’s iced tea) and imagine the wealth of information out there about iced tea, and the various ways we have access to it.

2. No more time

No technology will ever give us another hour, minute, or second to our day. Everyone and everything is competing for our time around the clock. Recognize the competition for your audience. Picture your audience and understand that it’s their first priority that matters – not your message.

3. More complicated

The world is becoming a complicated place. Give people what they want, and sure, they may give you their time. But how do you get the audience’s attention? You must have an understanding of the audience. Messages must be engaging and delivered how they want it – not how you want it.

Sign up for this free course and learn to create engaging information that is valued by the user. Whether you’re looking to improve your lead generation or social media marketing, Content Strategy for Professionals is sure to be an essential course for professionals in any organization.

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