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The Buzz on Twitter about the 2014 Boston Marathon

It’s not only the oldest annual marathon in the world, held on the third Monday of April, it’s one of the most popular road races of any distance among runners and spectators alike. It’s the legendary Boston Marathon, a 26.2-mile trek from Hopkinton to Boston that began in 1897.

This year, of course, there is likely more attention being given to the Boston Marathon than any other year in its storied history. Understandably so. The 2013 Boston Marathon was tragically marred by two bomb explosions near the finish line that killed three spectators and injured over 200 others. This year, there will be 36,000 official entrants in the marathon and more emotions wrapped up in the event than ever.

What’s being said about the 2014 Boston Marathon on Twitter? Plenty. From the sponsors to the media, the runners to the fans, it seems everyone is weighing in on the marathon this year and counting down the days until April 21.

Here (below) are just some of the tweets I have seen about the event recently…

P.S. By the way, I’ll be updating this custom timeline frequently between now and sometime after the completion of the marathon, so don’t hesitate to check back often for the latest buzz.

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