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Try an Infographic With Your Next Press Release

We’ve all written and blasted press releases via the wire, right? And then we watch as the first couple of days generates most of our clicks and traffic, then figuratively disappears. Capture

So what better way to spice up your press release than with an infographic ? A PR Newswire study shows that the inclusion of more multi-media in your release significantly increases the number of views. 

Infographics can help you present information that may be tough to present in the usual written format, while also allowing you to develop a piece that has life beyond the press release.

Infographics are relatively easy to produce, in fact they can be “templated” in order for you to update information quickly and get them to market, and they are great for social media content as well.

Think about it … one infographic ripe with statistics can generate multiple tweets with a link to the infographic for your audience to download and share. And don’t forget those Tweets can, and likely will, be re-tweeted for some great engagement.

So the next time your trying to determine how to release an abundance of information, an infographic is a great tool to have at your disposal.


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