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Twitter Makes Connections for More Useful Social Graph

The previous “followed by” and “you both follow” features on Twitter are now joined together under one “Connections” section of each user’s profile. This change now allows each section to be expanded to see a full list of users in each category when clicking on “more”.

Previously, Twitter has provided users with this feature based on user response. As of today, this has become a permanent adjustment within the social platform. Now, with “Connections” this develops a more useful Twitter social graph.

It’s about time Twitter launched a feature like this, as both Facebook and Foursquare has had the ability with “friends in common”; both part of the social graphs with each service.

Yet again, Twitter has taken another step forward to establish its ever-growing presence in the social space. While it experiments with new features and develops its social graph, the platform has plenty of room to continue to grow.

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