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What Can First Page Search Results Get You?

Search Engine Optimization is a top proirity of senior marketers worldwide, ranking just after social networking and improving digital infrastructure within their priorities. This ranking of proirities is reasonable when you consider that across the three major search engines, less than 2% of traffic comes from visitors who ventured beyond the first page of search results. 95.8% of natural search visits from Google were referred by a result on the first page. This percentage decreases slightly for Yahoo and Bing. This is reason enough to make it a proirity to get on to the first page of natural search results and reap the benefits of search engine optimization.

Source: eMarketer, February 18, 2010

Amazon SEO FAQs

Amazon Platform Management Overdrives Amazon Platform Management strategies include product feeds, paid media (Amazon PPC), and earned media (Amazon SEO). The main tasks for Amazon marketing services are to implement strategies for listing content, product keyword optimization, images, and videos….

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