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What Media Resources Are Americans Turning to for 2008 Political Candidate Information?

eMarketer recently reported some interesting news about the 2008 Presidential Campaign. While most Americans still turn to traditional resources such as TV, radio, newspapers, etc. for their information, a growing number of people are turning to the internet, including news video online, online debates and video blogging. The most interesting tidbit of this chart is that the demographic turning to the internet the most seems to be the 65+ age range, which contradicts most internet growth demographic statistics. This demographic turns to online debates more than any other, and also represents a large portion of the news video online viewers.

More people turn to internet for 2008 Presidential Campaign news
In the wake of this information, eMarketer explained, “Although 2008 isn’t predicted to be a breakout year for online political ad spending, political information sites look to be a hot draw. Marketers and advertisers considering placements on such sites may want to start looking at their target consumers’ political leanings.”

Source: eMarketer Report, 2008
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