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When You Care Enough to e-Send the Very Best

Even in a world of twitter, email, text messages and instant messages, nothing beats receiving a greeting card in the mail; as in your mailbox on the side of the road. I admit that I love sending and receiving cards. Greeting cards conjure up emotion, not only in the pre-printed message, but in the handwritten message from the sender. I admit that I even have a Crown Rewards membership card where you earn a point for every paper card purchase towards free greeting cards. However paper cards lack spontaneity. Paper cards are planned, deliberate, and don’t capture spur-of-the-moment emotions.

Hallmark is looking to capture those everyday emotions through the recently launched Hallmark Mobile Greetings, a mobile application that allows users to send e-cards, with the Hallmark look and feel for a 99-cent fee. The Mobile Greetings are not intended to replace the paper cards, but rather capture everyday emotions that go beyond traditional text messaging. Senders can choose from over 500 greetings in a variety of categories such as Just for Fun, Birthday and Thinking of You, and personalize their message.


Diedra Mize, a representative for Hallmark, was quoted in a recent Media Post article, “Hallmark Greeting Cards Go Mobile,” “We consider ourselves a communications company and we’re going to be wherever people are doing that. It’s an evolution of where we’ve been and where we’re going. You can do Mobile Greetings whenever and wherever. We consider it another way for people to communicate.”

I wonder if Hallmark will have a Crown Rewards membership for their mobile cards someday. For more information about The Hallmark Mobile Greetings, please visit http://www.hallmark.com/.

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