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Will Twitter See a Social Media Challenge from UberMedia?

According to a recent CNN report, UberMedia is developing a social media network to compete with Twitter.  UberMedia owns several popular applications that interface with Twitter such as, UberSocial, Twidroyd, Echofon and UberCurrent.  All together UberMedia’s programs publish roughly 11.6% of the daily 155 million Tweets per day.  UberMedia also has aspirations to acquire the popular desktop Twitter application TweetDeck, the largest Twitter client outside of Twitter’s own properties.


The idea behind the new micro blogging site would be to address common complaints about Twitter.  UberMedia would allow for longer messages and try to make the platform more user friendly for new users.

In the past potential Twitter rivals such as Friendfeed and Google Buzz have failed.  Could UberMedia pull off creating a legitimate Twitter competitor? It’s hard to predict.  Bill Gross, the founder of UberMedia does however have the resources to fund his plans with $17.5 million in backers.

It is also suggested that the potential UberMedia site is being laid out simply as back up in case the tension between UberMedia and Twitter becomes too hostile.

Despite UberSocial and TweetDeck being my personal favorite Twitter applications migrating to a completely new microblogging site presents itself as a huge hassle to me. Do we really need two versions of Twitter?

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