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Zipcar Hires Overdrive

Big news at Overdrive!

Zipcar, who recently acquired car-sharing competitor Flexcar to maintain its position as the world’s largest car-sharing company, has named Overdrive as its search engine marketing agency. We are thrilled to be able to help them in this endeavor.

Zipcars live in thirteen major metros across North America and the UK, in addition to nearly 100 colleges. You can find Zipcars in Boston, Chicago, London, New York, Portland, DC and more. And Zipcars aren’t your dad’s old sedans; members get to choose from a variety of makes and models from MINIs to hybrids, Volvos to pickup trucks. In some markets, members can even drive the luxury BMW 5 series!

Zipcar is not just a great business idea; it is a company with the potential to revolutionize urban transportation. Zipcar is changing the way that city dwellers view their city, as well as the way we get around. Check out their site for more information on how Zipcar is making a positive impact:

To learn more, or even become a member, check out their site:

We are proud to have Zipcar as a client. As a matter of fact, we’ve had “Zipsters” around the office, singing its praises, for a while now.

It seems just about everyone has a reason they love Zipcar. . .

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