Brand Embrace Tactics

Here are the Brand Embrace tactics that encompass integrated marketing to truly connect with your target audience in a lasting way, utilizing multiple points of contact consumers access in their daily lives.

The basic tactics of the Brand Embrace are to not only drive impressions and engagement with your marketing efforts, but to actually leverage impressions and engagement to create lasting connections that escalate consumers to higher levels of company/consumer intimacy and loyalty.

These connections include:

  • Setting cookies for insightful tracking and reporting to reveal true insight into what your target consumers and customers care about.
  • Setting behavioral retargeting cookies that, when combined with search and other forms of advertising, access the critical moment when a consumer is interested in what you are selling and enables you to stay with them during their purchase consideration phase.
  • Utilizing retargeting to increase contact frequency with your current customers to keep your brand top of mind during their purchase consideration phase and deepen the relationship you have with your customers to escalate them to repeat buyers and brand advocates.
  • Encouraging all forms of social connections including converting your prospects and customers into Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Pinterest followers, LinkedIn followers and more.
  • Creating and publishing valuable and engaging social content that educates, enthralls, delights and encourages high value and high ROI behavior.
  • Driving email subscribers, connecting them to marketing automation and CRM cookie data.
  • Collecting real world data and information including survey data and physical snail mail addresses.
  • Pushing out timely and valuable email and direct mail (for more valuable prospects) communications and offers.
  • Implementing marketing automation programs and technologies (Eloqua, Aprimo, Marketo, etc.) that utilize cookies, tracking data, email databases and CRM data to drive truly personalized, timely and relevant email and direct mail communications.

The Result of the Brand Embrace

The end result of the Brand Embrace is a powerful platform that ties all your marketing and advertising efforts together. It creates a mass marketing asset that bypasses media gatekeepers (the media and vendor organization that charge you to reach your target audience) to build your brand, drive leads, drive retail traffic and of course, drive sales.

Brand Embrace in Practice: Search and Retargeting

A great example of synergy between online marketing channels is the use of display ad retargeting in combination with paid search. Retargeting (where you set a cookie on the browsers of visitors to your site and then serve them display ads as they surf sites within the retargeting network) isn’t new, but its particular value when combined with search is seldom recognized.

Let’s say you’re running a strong search campaign that’s driving traffic to your landing pages. Still, 90 percent or so of your landing page visitors leave without converting. What do we know about this sizable audience? We know that:

  • They’re actively interested in the type of product or services you provide (they did the search!).
  • They were intrigued enough by your search ad to click it.
  • They’ve now had some initial exposure to your offer, from your landing page.

Isn’t this an audience that you should continue to engage? With display ad retargeting, what might have been just a passing encounter instead becomes a Brand Embrace that lasts throughout the purchase consideration phase.

Extending the Brand Embrace to Everything

Of course, using retargeting in tandem with search is just one of many ways to foster a Brand Embrace. The keys, again, are to integrate your efforts across channels and to always be thinking about the next step. Here are a few more examples:

  • To circle back to our landing page scenario, how about the visitors that do convert? Don’t just thank them and pass their information to Sales. Extend the Brand Embrace by turning your Thank You page into an engagement page that highlights complementary offers and enables easy social sharing via chiclets.
  • With social campaigns, be sure to look beyond the fan acquisition stage to carefully consider what comes next. How will you keep Facebook fans and Twitter followers engaged in a lasting and mutually beneficial Brand Embrace? When it comes to social it’s essential to think beyond the “Like.” For example, are you escalating them to email subscribers?
  • Opt-in email remains a great way to sustain a Brand Embrace. How about leveraging your search marketing, display advertising and social media marketing efforts to also drive new email subscribers and keep your list fresh?
  • What about your packaging or package inserts? Are you driving people online to get something special in exchange for a consumer becoming a fan or opting in to your email lists?

There are unlimited ways to foster Brand Embrace connections with prospects, customers and consumers. Are you doing all you can to create a powerful Brand Embrace?

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