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Pinterest, the vision-board styled social photo sharing platform, is now the fastest growing social website, having crossed the 10 million user mark earlier this month with over 11.7 million monthly unique visitors in the United States.  Many brands have jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon due to its immense success, in an attempt to foster even more relationships with social consumers.  With an average Pinterest user spending 98 minutes per month on the social website, it is essential for brands to take advantage of its rising popularity.

Brands who are pinning successfully have embraced the new social behemoth early on and are utilizing their boards to target early-adopting consumers. The most successful brands don’t just focus on their own products, but other interests that their target has, in an attempt to even deepen their relationship.

Chobani: This popular Greek yogurt brand has it figured out, starting with the statement on their page: “Nothing but good conversation with America’s #1 Yogurt.”  Whether it be posting inspirational quotes that align with their tagline ‘Nothing But Good,’ recipes or foods that compliment their products well, Chobani has a multitude of boards that are mouthwatering and extremely “repin-able.”


Whole Foods: Whole Foods is known for using social media well, and they continue this trend with their Pinterest boards. If there is one thing Whole Foods knows, it is their typical customer.  Boards are filled with recipes (from Whole Foods and other websites), recycling, gardens, creative projects and more.  With clever captions and an active page, Whole Foods is one brand taking Pinterest by storm.


Etsy: Pinterest is the perfect social media platform for Etsy. Both promote a crafty, handmade lifestyle and truly go hand in hand. Etsy’s boards promote their own products, in addition to showcasing how they can be used in everyday life. They have boards ranging from different locations, like Washington, DC and Australia, to easy DIY projects. Pinterest’s focus on visuals is essential for a brand like Etsy, and they know how to use it to their advantage.


Due to Pinterest’s high-speed growth, brands should focus on connecting with consumers via this social media platform.  Its highly visual interface is aesthetically pleasing and the viral nature of the website only works positively for brands. Even for brands that provide products that are less tangible, like services, Pinterest can be a valuable resource for posting information like infographics and reports.  Through the utilization of user-friendly boards and having an active presence on Pinterest, brands can effectively involve consumers and increase engagement.  Pinterest provides greater insight into what consumers enjoy, and brands like Chobani, Whole Foods and Etsy are using the new social website with great success.

You can find Overdrive Interactive on Pinterest too! We will also be hosting a Pinterest webinar next Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012.

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