Website Quality Control

Website Quality Control is a pretty broad topic, but can essentially be boiled down to all the testing you will carry out in making sure that your site is running properly and optimally.


Here are some examples of and components of a comprehensive QCE program:

    • Fun Functional Testing –  your website’s behavior will be simulated by feeding it input and then examining its consequential output.
    • Maintenance Testing – is conducted on your already-deployed software when it is undergoing the enhancement, change, or migration process, and consists of two parts:
      • Confirmation Testing – in which you make sure that reported bugs have been fixed. 
      • Regression Testing – in which you run tests to detect any potential errors that may be lingering inside some already-tested snippets of code.
    • Performance Testing – allows you to measure how well your site will be able to handle the traffic.
    • Usability Testing – involves testing your user interface and cross-platform compatibility, making sure that everything is practical to use and runs well on different services. 
    • Compatibility Testing – makes sure your site runs properly across different operating systems poses, hardware, and in the hands of various users. 
    • Code Review and Quality Analysis – in which you can improve your software quality by implementing a full review of your source code to uncover any errors which may have slipped by during the course of initial development.
    • Website Security Testing – works to assess your software for any potential vulnerabilities to cyber attacks, hacking, or other illegal activity.

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How do you QC a website?

The best way to QC (Quality Check) a website is to examine all elements as in-depth as possible. Be sure to check for broken links, images, on-page content etc.

What is Web QA?

Quality Assurance (QA) is the process of ensuring that a website (or a specific part of a website) does not have any issues and is ready to go live for the public.

What is the difference QA and QC?

The main difference between QA and QC is that a quality check is a list of tasks that are performed as part of an overall quality assurance process.

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