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#ForceFriday – the Social Media Campaign Heard Around the World


Most of us have very specific emotional connections to Star Wars as an iconic part of our youth. In the 38 years since that first film appeared, conceived in an imagination that felt at the time to be from a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars has grown from pop culture icon to a brand valued in 2012 at over $30 billion. Now owned by Disney, it makes sense then that when a new line of products are set to be released in advance of their upcoming latest film, that Disney would go big.

#ForceFriday was beyond big. A global event that began with an epic live stream unboxing… around the world. Unfolding over 18 hours in 15 cities and 12 countries with top digital stars and influencers from Maker Studios in cities within Australia, Spain, South Korea, the U.S., and more, this live streamed YouTube unboxing would generate over 546,214 views. (Unboxing is its own phenomenon, as Google estimates that it would take 7 years to watch all of the unboxing videos uploaded to YouTube in 2014 alone.) The Thursday unboxing event began the slow countdown to midnight, when select retail partners around the world would open for an exclusive #ForceFriday release of what social media listeners were being promised, was the best Star Wars collection in years.

As you will see in the infographic, video was the content type of choice, with Vine, Instagram, and Periscope all making significant waves around #ForceFriday. Have a look below at the initial impact #ForceFriday has had across social media.



How much revenue did Disney and its partners make on this event? Only time will tell, but if the Social Media numbers are any hint, this event was a home run for Disney and their new Senior VP of global marketing partnerships and strategic alliances, promotions, synergy and special events, Ms. Lylle Breier.

Did you participate in #ForceFriday as a brand or as an individual? Tell us about your experiences.

If you have video of a #ForceFriday event, please share it. Especially if it includes an epic light saber battle, as seen in this Vine from France.

Marketers, feel free to share our infographic, just link back to us please!


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December 9, 2019

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