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Foursquare Event Check-In Feature Can Benefit Your Business, Too


Today, Foursquare announced (yet, again) a new feature: the event check-in. While this location-based service has provided users with the opportunity to check into locations since its launch in 2009, Foursquare recognizes that there is a point where a place is more than just a place.

Foursquare has  provided businesses with the opportunity to be where consumers are. For those who invest on the platform, they can become a valuable resource that can interact with their target audience while on-the-go. Now, businesses have the opportunity to engage with these users on a deeper level, while tapping into their location and interests.

For businesses who frequently sponsor or host events, this new feature is an excellent element to consider. With a little help from Foursquare’s partners, they will have the ability to tie in the event information into their database, ultimately turning a business’ event into an official check-in location. What better way to get event attendees to not only share their excitement for this event, but to share their participation with the rest of their social community?

Even if events are not a primary focus for a business, having the ability to partake in events around their community is an excellent opportunity to tap into their target audience. Once these events become a Foursquare event on the platform, businesses should consider checking into these events to show their interest and participation within the community at large.

While this new feature is still extremely new (officially rolling out today), it offers an array of new opportunities for businesses to build relationships with their consumers. Initial participation from events will be pulled from ESPN and MovieTickets.com, leading up to more than 50,000 other events in the coming months.

Once again, new features from Foursquare are not only proving to be an excellent way for businesses to tap into user behavior, but it has become apparent that Foursquare should be considered when developing any social media marketing campaign.

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