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Hiring Video Editors: Top 3 Skills CMOs Need To Look For


3 skills CMOs need for video editors

According to data provided by Cisco, over 80% of consumer internet traffic will consist of online video by 2020. This goes to show how video marketing has become a crucial part of the competitive digital marketing landscape. 


While it’s important to have an authentic creative voice, it’s also important to release video content that’s consistent and timely. In order to achieve this key aspect of video marketing, you’ll need a team of video editors that are fast, flexible, and reliable in their creative process. Here are the top 3 organizational skills to look for when assembling your team:

1. They know how to create an organized file structure.

This can be done in various ways, but it’s important to have a system that works for the team. Knowing where assets are will significantly improve efficiency and allow everyone to focus on the more impactful things like flow, pacing, and timing. If you’re looking to establish a system for your team, here’s a great video reference to get them started.


2. They know how to organize and rename assets appropriately.

Having unnecessary or duplicate assets in your folders can bog down, not only the team’s workflow, but their computers too. Deleting bloopers and renaming footage from the default names a camera determines, such as “DSC_7405”, to something that can provide context to the clip like, “Harryisms_Camera 1_Take 1”, can help streamline production and can ensure assets are easily found.


3. They know how to create presets that can be applied to multiple projects or clips.

This can be a game-changer. Having a team that knows how to automate their process can help you deliver extremely consistent video quickly. If most of your footage is shot in a studio setting, it’s likely that lighting and audio stayed consistent for the whole shoot. The less time your team spends on color-grading and fixing audio, the more time they can spend on creating engaging video content.



File structuring and asset gathering are definitely not the sexiest parts of the creative process, but finding video editors who understand the value of these skills will be much more likely to produce speedy, high-quality, and consistent work leading your brand to outperform your competitors.

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