Lead Generation

Overdrive’s Lead Generation Programs

Overdrive’s lead generation service is the core element for our online marketing campaigns. Our carefully measured lead generation programs keep our clients’ sales funnels full and give them the edge they need to compete and win.

Online Lead Generation and Traditional Marketing

Overdrive combines critical online marketing services — best-of-breed online media buying, search engine marketing (Paid Search and SEO), creative services, website design and online tracking technology – with the strategy, analysis and constant care of our client services group. It is this unified combination of skills and technology that have enabled some of the world’s leading companies to truly prosper from the promise of the web.

Lead Generation Capture and Quality Optimization

Minimizing cost per lead while maximizing lead quality – that’s the objective of Overdrive’s ongoing Lead Generation Capture and Lead Quality Optimization services. Because ultimately, a low cost lead is only good for your online marketing campaign if it can be converted into a sale.

Campaign Tracking and ROI Analysis

At the core of our Lead Capture and Quality Optimization services is Overdrive’s proprietary patent-pending Lead Generation Source Labeling technology. This innovative program seamlessly integrates with all existing websites, CRM and contact management systems. It allows Overdrive and our clients to “close the loop” and see the results of their campaigns from the first impression, through the sales processes all the way to revenue. It also enables optimization to focus on lead and traffic quality rather than cost; because after all cheap leads are not always good leads!

Lasting Online Marketing Infrastructure

Whether your organization needs leads generated for its in-house sales team or for a channel support program, our combination of skills and technology will enable you to build and manage an online marketing infrastructure that truly adds long term value and equity to your business.

Find Out More About Overdrive’s Lead Generation Services

Want to know more about our methodology and lead generation technology? Click here or call call 617-254-5000 to set up a capabilities presentation. We’ll show you examples of our lead generation tactics and Lead Labeling technology in action as well as case studies of their ROI success.

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