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New Facebook Ad Features


Facebook continues to improve its ad platform!

Over the last few months, Facebook has added new features for Facebook Ads, such as the options for inline fanning and RSVP right within the ad units (which makes the Facebook ASU’s more socially enabled) and ability to target users by languages spoken (in addition to the existing targeting options).

Last week, Facebook announced recent adjustments in the Ad Manager, which basically now lets advertisers edit and revise existing ads, as well as specify date ranges (and viewing format) when viewing reports.

And yesterday, Facebook announced more targeting filters: connections, location, and birthday.

Targeting by connections lets the advertisers target fans, members of your group, users who have RSVP’d to your Events, and users who have authorized your Application/s. This makes it easier to target users who have already expressed interest in your brand/company and strengthen your relationship with them by continuing conversations, sending alerts and promos, and increasing engagement. This new feature also lets advertisers targets users who are not yet connected. This is especially useful for increasing the number of Fans and page views, since impressions will only be shown to new/potential members of your community.
(Improved) targeting by location simply means that advertisers can now target the same Facebook ad to multiple countries. This is a good tool for agencies like us who manage international campaigns, if we are running the same ad but for different countries.

Targeting by birthday is a great opportunity for advertisers who offer special birthday promotions. This can also be coupled with targeting by Age to be even more specific.

It’s great to see that Facebook is listening to advertiser feedback and is actively trying to continuously improve its advertising interface and reporting tools. Today, Facebook is connecting 250 Million people and it continues to try and make the site more meaningful for all its users (and advertisers!). Just a year ago, I remember advertising on Facebook and being so frustrated with the lack of options. It has definitely come a long way since then! I admire Facebook’s efforts to give its users more opportunities to engage and experience a seamless, connected, social experience. I’m looking forward to even more developments to come.



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