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Passion is the Best Persuasion


In the world of marketing and in life, we all acquire persuasive moxie, it’s a survival skill.  People view persuasion in different ways – for example, a salesman making cold calls verses a creative director presenting a new campaign or idea.  However you choose to use your powers of persuasion there is one steadfast approach I’ve always based my presentations around – passion.

Passion allows you the opportunity to speak freely and earnestly about how you feel on a particular topic or subject.  I’ve found that it provides you the ability to showcase and leverage the following critical emotions of any presentation.


What’s most important is not to lose site of the fact that we are all human and as a result emotional beings.  We tend to have our guard up when we feel that someone is trying to “sell us” on something.  Passion has the great ability to disarm and bring a group together based on a common enthusiasm.


When you speak passionately and from the heart your words are more authentic.  This authenticity enables you to advance your message without generating doubt.


In order to persuade anyone, you must first gain their trust.  Showing true passion for what you have to say will enable the audience to see your authenticity and as a result, begin to trust both you and what you have to say.


People want to be excited by ideas and prospects.  Speaking with passion allows you to generate that enthusiasm needed to get people excited about your idea.  Passion and enthusiasm are contagious. Present passionately and the room will follow your energy.

Above all, passion can’t be faked – you need to be genuinely passionate about what you provide to others.  If you’re having difficulty getting behind an idea, product, or concept – perhaps you need to take a step back and decided if what you are selling truly provides others with genuine solutions to their problems.

What are you most passionate about in marketing and how do you use that passion to provide benefits to others?


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