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Social Searching: Personalizing the Web


Social search is changing the priority of which information is delivered to users. Traditionally search engine result order has been determined solely on algorithms, however, in a socially enabled search, a particular listing may appear higher on the list to reflect its social value.   In our whitepaper we uncover that beyond external site authority and resultant search engine result pages, search is now defined by explicit and implicit social user feedback.

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This whitepaper is broken down into three parts, first we discuss the implementation of social searching by Google and Bing. We visually walk through the differences in the search results for these two engines. Next, a case-by-case analysis which investigates social search results for 10 fortune 500 companies, 5 celebrities, 5 video games, 5 TV shows and 5 movies helps us determine best practices that businesses can follow to enhance their social search results

Google and Bing are the front runners in incorporating social networks into their search engine result pages (SERPs). However, as exemplified in our whitepaper, social search has been incorporated by these two search engines with slightly different strategies. These variations are seen in how users enable social search, which social channels tend to be more frequently displayed in results, and the tools offered by the search engine to customize the social search.

The report draws conclusions based on tests that were run to determine factors that can lead to different social search results in Bing and Google. These include:

  • • Being signed into the particular search engine’s corresponding social networks
  • • Having “liked” a fan page that is the subject of the search
  • • Logging onto a social network before running the search
  • • Increased activity on certain social channels resulting in increased recognition by the search engine used

With social media usage soaring, this method of searching is forecasted to become increasingly popular. For businesses to thrive in this new environment, branded content must be created that is shareable, company social profiles must be maintained, and up-to-date social media and social search tools must be utilized.

If you would like to download a copy of the free whitepaper, please click here.

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