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The Google/TechTarget Research Project


How IT Pros Search Online During the Purchase Process

I was doing some Twittering for the Google/Tech Target Road Show. They titled and described it as follows:

The Google/TechTarget Research Project:

How IT Pros Search Online During the Purchase Process

Does search behavior of IT buyers change based on their stage in the buying cycle? Are there specific kinds of keywords they use? How can you take advantage of buyers’ online behavior to improve your marketing and sales performance? Get answers to these questions and more by attending this invitation-only event.


Here are my Tweets:

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Event Tweets:

  • At Google/TechTarget: how IT Pros Search Online During Purchase Process 5:14 PM Oct 28th from txt
  • 97 percent of tech buyers start with search 5:25 PM Oct 28th from txt
  • Less then 12 percent of tech buyers us a single word search phrase 5:39 PM Oct 28th from txt
  • 80% skim full page of results before clicking, 38% would click on paid search 5:40 PM Oct 28th from txt
  • 6% just stick to page 1, 53% will go to page 2 or 3 in a search, 41% say will go to 4+ pages 5:44 PM Oct 28th from txt
  • Tech buyers use comparison oriented phrases close to end buying stage- i.e. avaya cisco ip phone system comparison 5:48 PM Oct 28th from txt
  • 53% use search to discover vender solutions they are not aware of 5:53 PM Oct 28th from txt
  • 67% willing to click in link of vendor they are not familiar with 5:54 PM Oct 28th from txt
  • Asia pacific uses video in tech buying twice as much as N America and Europe. 6:01 PM Oct 28th from txt
  • 27% tech buyers use mobile search at least once per week. 12% say they use it every day. 6:11 PM Oct 28th from txt
  • A fire alarm went off during the presentation – we all ignored it. Turn out a jackhammer set it off. 6:13 PM Oct 28th from txt
  • Blackberry was top mobile device used in mobile search. Google guy here is pushing androit. It is being developed here in Cambridge. 6:15 PM Oct 28th from txt
  • 74% sign up for at least 1 rss feed, 26% sign up for more then 10. 6:16 PM Oct 28th from txt
  • North American have a higher aversion to sharing their contact info then Asia and Europe which is opposite of what our euro clients claim 6:21 PM Oct 28th from txt
  • When filling out a form, 81% of tech buyers will give their accurate email, only 27% will give their accurate phone number 6:24 PM Oct 28th from txt



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