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Watch Out Groupon: Google Offers is Here


Previously, the most recent news between Groupon and Google was the $6 billion offer Groupon turned down. While Google was unable to  acquire Groupon, they have come up with their own response: Google Offers. The movement has already begun for Google to start their own group-buying service, and many believe they have the foundation to grow into a major success.

While Groupon has held the reigns on the space for some time now, they may see some heat coming from Google. Recently, a first test-run for Google Offers began as they started to reach out to local businesses to see the response. With the strong brand recognition and their large network of connections, this may be a strong competitor that could potentially knock Groupon from the top.

Instantly, Google is expected to have a solid presence in this space. With AdSense and AdWords they already have a major advertising network. However, until Google Offers, they have never been local. Although it is a new opportunity, this service will most likely see huge growth because of Google’s ability to gain exposure through its already large network of advertising.

Additionally, as Google launches Offers officially, adding it to their site for a simple click will be an easy starting point. Tie in Google Maps, and they can utilize this feature to leverage Google Offers to its fullest potential. Having their prominent name in this space will almost guarantee an attraction to users, because Google is so well-known.

The daily deals market is very large and currently there are many players already participating. Groupon has continued to expand its service with its Deals Feed and Groupon Stores, but there are still many businesses that have yet to participate in this sort of service.

Once Google Offers officially launches, we will see just how big of a player they will become, but they seem to have all the pieces to the puzzle. So as they say, if you can’t buy them, join them – then beat them.


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