Matching Web Development Needs with Online Marketing Objectives

At Overdrive, we believe that an effective web site has two objectives. It must provide users with a complete experience that fulfills their online needs. At the same time, it should efficiently funnel users toward sales, fulfilling your online marketing objectives. We achieve this by creating an optimal balance of offer messaging, valuable content and satisfying user experience.

Modeling User Experiences from Impression to Conversion

The success of the sites we develop starts with a careful planning process that documents the creative direction, information architecture, application specifications and hosting requirements. Often this process includes interviews with stakeholders who rely on the site for customer service, lead generation, sales and information delivery. We review the competitive online marketplace to determine how to make our clients stand out with successful offers, unique incentives and valuable information. Finally, we model the different paths, from site entrance to conversion, and map user experiences back to the home or entry pages, as well as to referring sources that may be driving visits.

Design and Copy that Encourages Desired Behavior

Our web development team works hand in hand with our creative team of artists and writers to make sure that your final product is an online marketing tool that looks great, is on message, on brand and is geared toward delivering a high ROI.

Accessible, Search Engine Visible, Relevant

We develop web sites using the same compliance standards and best practices utilized by our best-of-breed, Boston based search engine optimization (SEO) department. Our search engine optimization standards make our sites extremely search engine friendly. We eliminate road blocks that prevent search spiders from accessing content and ensure that content is visible once the spiders find it. Finally we make certain that copy and meta tags are relevant and using the proper balance of high-value keywords with a focus on current SEO best practices.

Lead Generation Sites, eCommerce Sites, Mini-Sites, Landing Pages, Web Maintenance

Whether creating an e-commerce site, a network of mini-sites and landing pages or deploying a complex data mining or tracking application, our development staff can get the job done. Overdrive’s back-end developers provide the bridge technology so often needed to connect a campaign’s creative, messaging and business objectives to the actual capabilities of the client’s web site. Our developers are proficient in most development languages, tools and platforms including AJAX, PHP, and Cold Fusion.

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